Petrosyan Group and Silk Venture forge strategic partnership with the Embassy of Armenia in Spain

Petrosyan Group and Silk Venture have established a strategic partnership with the Armenian Embassy in Spain. During their visit to Madrid, they presented the Barcelona District project at the REBUILD event and met personally with the Ambassador, Mr. Sos Avetisyan, and his team. Barcelona District aims to revolutionize urban planning through innovative solutions and sustainable design principles, as well as to promote values such as sport, implement options that take into account the environmental and social impact.

This project, which is currently being implemented in Uzbekistan as part of the New Uzbekistan state project, has plans to expand to other territories, with a special focus on carrying it out in Armenian territory.

The meeting with the Armenian Embassy was aimed at strengthening ties and establishing further collaboration and synergies. The Petrosyan Group and Silk Venture seek to strengthen bilateral relations and promote cross-border economic development through collaboration with diplomatic representatives. This exchange of information and views is essential for the proper development of a project of this magnitude, where different actors and points of view are involved.

Barcelona District is an ambitious project that seeks to transform the concept of the city. The project, beyond its urban planning, seeks to create new jobs, housing and workspaces.
Incorporating it into the Armenian territory is an opportunity for the country to capture the attention of companies and individuals and boost its economy, sustainability and society. In turn, for Petrosyan Group and Silk Venture it is an opportunity to enter the Caucasian territory and extend its vision to new territories.

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