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About Us

Petrosyan Group

Our Origins

Petrosyan Group was born from the dreams of a child, which gave way to the ambitions of an adult. Its founder, Sedrak Petrosyan, has always been a person with a strong desire to carry out projects that have an impact and help change the world and the lives of the people who are part of them. And to do so, he has surrounded himself with people and partners with similar values and goals that make up what the group is today.

Our logo, the lion, symbolizes the values with which we identify. The lion as the leader of the jungle. A dignified and loyal being, with a vigorous sense of justice, a combination of power and elegance, and above all the strength to make things happen. At Petrosyan Group we firmly believe that even the most complex of dreams can come true. That is why we work to transform the best ideas into the best projects for the future.

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About Us

Diversified business group with presence in multiple sectors

Petrosyan Group is a diversified business group dedicated to operational excellence and value creation in a wide range of industries.

Headquartered in Europe, Asia Central and the Caucasus, and with a leading presence in different territories in Europe and Asia, we are a leader in business development, investment and innovation, building strong bridges between Europe and Asia.

Our knowledge of these regions gives us a competitive advantage in identifying evolving investment and business development opportunities.

Our strategy

Mission & Vision

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to drive the sustainable growth and profitability of all our companies, always maintaining a firm commitment to innovation, quality and corporate responsibility.
In Petrosyan Group we works tirelessly to generate investment opportunities in European and Asian territories, facilitating in turn to companies from all over the world the possibility of establishing themselves in these territories and benefiting from this territorial and cultural exchange.

Our Vision Statement

Our company prides itself on its role as a bridge of opportunities in the different sectors in which we are present. Our vision is to continue to identify and develop projects that benefit European investors and Central Asian economies. With a solid base in multiple countries, we are prepared to seize the opportunities in those emerging territories and face the challenges with determination, knowledge and strategic vision.

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Our People

Meet the team

Stanford Crowley

Senior Manager

Ann Longtin


Britany Nathanson

Senior Manager

Projects we have created

Platja d'Aro tourist resort
one of the best Barbershops in Spain
Our commitment

Corporate Responsibility

At Petrosyan Group, we strive to operate in a sustainable, ethical and excellent manner in all sectors in which we participate.

Petrosyan Group is founded on operating in a sustainable, ethical and excellent manner in all the sectors in which we participate. Our decisions and actions are aimed at having a positive impact on society and the environment.

Our focus on quality and customer satisfaction has been key to our growth and success in diverse industries. We adapt to the specific needs of each sector, enabling us to thrive and contribute to economic and social development in all the regions where we operate.

Through the creation of jobs and opportunities for local communities, we drive the growth of the economies of those territories. At Petrosyan Group, we are committed to a sustainable and responsible future.

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