Two countries, one vision

We create the city of the future

Barcelona District will be a reality inspired by the beauty and design of Barcelona within the city of New Tashkent. This city will be a world reference for urban, social and environmental development. Discover the project that will make the difference".

investments for the future

A strategic bridge to drive growth and innovation across sectors and regions

Investments for the future

Building strategic bridges to drive growth

Fostering business-to-business partnerships, university-business collaborations, or even government policies that encourage interregional cooperation. Regardless of their form, the goal is the same: to create a pathway for the exchange of knowledge, technology and resources, which in turn drives growth and innovation.

By connecting different sectors and regions, this strategic bridge allows ideas and innovations to flow freely, which can lead to significant breakthroughs in areas such as technology, medicine, energy and more. At the same time, it can also help less developed regions access new opportunities and reach their potential.

About Us

Driving innovation and value in key sectors between Europe and Asia

Petrosyan Group is a diversified business group with presence in multiple sectors, dedicated to operational excellence and value creation in a wide range of industries.
Headquartered in Spain and with a leading presence in different territories in Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus, we are a leader in business development, investment and innovation, building strong bridges between Europe and Asia. Our knowledge of these regions gives us a competitive advantage in identifying evolving investment and business development opportunities.
Our diversity and experience have allowed us to build a solid and dynamic business portfolio, composed of leading companies in the hospitality, logistics, entertainment, catering, aesthetics, technology, real estate and investment sectors.

Numbers Speak For Themselves

1 M
Investment we currently manage worldwide
ha of land for the construction of the Central Asia and Caucasus projects
Property & real estate development
Technology & innovation
HORECA & entertainment
Wellness & Lifestyle
Business Expansion
Global Management & Large Scale Projects

Projects we have created


Mission & Vision

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to drive the sustainable growth and profitability of all our companies, always maintaining a firm commitment to innovation, quality and corporate responsibility.

Petrosyan Group works tirelessly to generate investment opportunities in European and Asian territories, facilitating in turn to companies from all over the world the possibility of establishing themselves in these territories and benefiting from this territorial and cultural exchange.

Our Vision Statement

Our company prides itself on its role as a bridge of opportunities in the different sectors in which we are present. Our vision is to continue to identify and develop projects that benefit European investors and Central Asian economies. With a solid base in multiple countries, we are prepared to seize the opportunities in those emerging territories and face the challenges with determination, knowledge and strategic vision.

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