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We connect European investors with lucrative opportunities in Central Asia and the Caucasus, and vice versa, serving as a strategic link between the two regions. Our experience of the markets in these territories and our network of contacts enable us to identify and facilitate successful investments in numerous sectors. We are a solid investment vehicle for investors willing to cross the Eurasian border in search of new opportunities or to develop existing businesses.


We have new offices in Tashkent (Uzbekistan), in Yerevan (Armenia), where we offer consulting and advisory services for those companies and entrepreneurs who are looking for alternative and innovative ways to expand their businesses or projects in Central Asia or the Caucasus, offering advice and monitoring throughout the process of the creation and management of companies with a guaranteed high level of guarantee and security of their operations.

Property & real estate development

We invest and develop projects ranging from the construction of quality housing to the development of commercial and office space. Our experience in this sector allows us to contribute to the growth and modernization of urban and rural areas.

Technology & innovation

As part of our vision to be at the forefront of technology and innovation, we at Petrosyan Group explore opportunities in the world of new technologies. We are committed to driving the development and adoption of innovative technology solutions in various fields, from education to entertainment and the development of new VR-based technologies.​

HORECA & entertainment

Our experience in the management of leisure spaces, museums, hotels, resutaurants and in the HORECA sector in general, allows us to detect and pursue new opportunities in the sector.

Wellness & Lifestyle

Always bearing in mind our hallmark of quality, at Petrosyan Group we know how to approach business aimed at aesthetics and wellness, with a touch of elegance, luxury and exclusivity.

Business Expansion

As a company specializing in international expansion, we focus on helping companies grow, prosper and penetrate new markets. We implement key strategies and explore new opportunities to grow your business.

Global Management & Large Scale Projects

We drive business growth efficiently and effectively, developing the mechanisms to coordinate and supervise operations in multiple countries. Creating a structure to manage, plan and organize projects in an agile and collaborative way.

Numbers Speak For Themselves

1 M
Investment we currently manage worldwide
ha of land for the construction of the Central Asia and Caucasus projects

Projects we have created

Platja d'Aro tourist resort
one of the best Barbershops in Spain
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