Petrosyan Group presents Barcelona District at Rebuild

Petrosyan Group presents Barcelona District at Rebuild 2

Petrosyan Group presents Barcelona District at Rebuild. Thanks to Sedrak Petrosyan and the architect Josep Acebillo, the attendees to the reference tradeshow of the building industry in Spain were able to learn about the ambitious and innovative project that, in collaboration with Silk Venture, strategic partner, starts in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan.

The founder of Petrosyan Group and the head of architecture and urban planning consultant were the protagonists of Tuesday’s event at Rebuild. Sedrak Petrosyan and Josep Acebillo were key speakers at the conference. Tactical Urbanism: How to build what Innovative and Technological Districts need? This was the scenario to expose the opportunity to build from zero Barcelona District, as it allows us to think about how to make a city covering all the needs at social and environmental level and with long-term projection. Working in the present, but also always thinking about the future.

Tactical urbanism unites construction and community. One can’t work without keeping in mind the needs of the other. In a constantly changing sector, a city has to be built with the present in mind, but above all with the future in mind. “When we built the Barcelona of 1992 we had a clear mandate: everything that was done for the Olympics was done with the day after in mind. Since then, everyone has been talking about Olympic Legacy”.  Acebillo recalled. It is the same mentality that will mark the construction of Barcelona District in Uzbekistan. The construction will have the premise of covering social needs and being a commitment to sustainability and innovation. “We want to show that even countries that seem more distant or forgotten have the concern to make cities more sustainable, innovative and ecological” added Sedrak Petrosyan.

Barcelona is a global benchmark. And Petrosyan Group will bring it to the new city Tashkent 2.0 in a project that will be a turning point in the area, which will become a key axis in the Europe-Asia connection. “We have always thought about how we can link a mythical city like Barcelona with Uzbekistan. Many people there have dreamed that the model of the new Tashkent would look a bit like the urban planning model of Barcelona” explained Sedrak Petrosyan.

Rebuild is the reference event for the building sector in Spain. More than 4,000 developers, builders, architects, quantity surveyors, engineers, interior designers and installers attended the 2024 edition of this major building technology event. Petrosyan Group and the Barcelona District project captured the attention of the audience and therefore we would like to thank all those who attended the round table and the organization of Rebuild for trusting in our company. Also, I would like to highlight and thank Vasily Shimko, Honorary Consul of Uzbekistan in Slovakia, and Zafar Amanov, Economic Affairs Consultant at the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Spain, who attended the presentation and provided us with their institutional support.

The Barcelona District project in Tashkent is moving forward step by step with strength and determination and Petrosyan Group will be telling you all the news through the web and social networks. 

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