Media reports about Barcelona District.

Media reports about Barcelona District. The ambitious project of Petrosyan Group in Tashkent, with the collaboration of Silk Venture, is attracting the attention of the press, as we have seen in recent days. The morning magazine program on TV3, which has been leading the audience for 13 years in Catalonia, talked about the transformation of the capital of Uzbekistan. As well as the Mediterranean touch brought by the Petrosyan Group.

The media are paying attention to Barcelona District. Els Matins de TV3, which has just beaten its record with audiences above 20% share, has dedicated a space to it in the news compilation that opens the show. The Catalan television morning magazine highlighted the Barcelona touch in the transformation of Uzbekistan, including images of the Tashkent 2.0 project.

Television isn’t Barcelona District’s only pending platform. The two most read newspapers in Catalan have also dedicated a page to the work of Petrosyan Group. The newspaper Ara has just published an extensive report on the project in Tashkent, with the testimony of our CEO Sedrak Petrosyan and the architect Josep Acebillo. Under the title A new Barcelona is born in the middle of Asia, the Catalan newspaper emphasizes the transformation of the area and the Barcelona stamp it will have. “(…) The new Tashkent is the most ambitious project of the second strongest economy in the area, which aspires to be the new Dubai. Qatar or Abu Dhabi." You can read the entire article in this link.

The newspaper Ara follows the path of El Punt Avui, which a few weeks ago interviewed our CEO, Sedrak Petrosyan, to learn more about Petrosyan Group and its plans in Asia.

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