What is Barcelona District?

What is Barcelona District? Petrosyan Group is pleased to present this ambitious project in Tashkent. This is a 200 hectare site, with a first building development on 60 hectares, with Barcelona style in the heart of Uzbekistan, to become the international center of Central Asia.

The Barcelona District project has a first development of 60 hectares, which will house up to 40 residential buildings and skyscrapers up to 50 levels high. This is an area with a high demand for housing, far higher than the current supply. The project is part of Uzbekistan’s state strategic plan, which will entail a transformation and modernization of this territory with the aim of becoming a key axis of the connection between Asia and Europe. Its geopolitical location is essential to link the western zone of NATO and three world powers such as Russia, China and India.

The Barcelona District project does not only include the construction of housing and skyscrapers. It is as important the how as the what. That is why the entire building will have the style and air that has turned Barcelona into a world reference and an essential meeting point for tourism from all corners of the planet. The residential area will be accompanied by a green zone, schools, universities, medical centers and a sports complex.

Uzbekistan is positioning itself as a key hub in the relationship between Europe and Asia, and Tashkent will be the epicenter. Barcelona District will shine in an urban plan that includes a adjacent sports area. The country’s ambition is to have a sports infrastructure and at all levels to bid for the 2036 Olympic Games, a plan that will make Barcelona District even more attractive for tourism and foreign investment.

What is Barcelona District? Petrosyan Group’s ambitious, transformative and modern project in Tashkent will be a reference in Asia and Europe. Tashkent wants to be a key point of the Asian continent as has happened in other cities such as Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information regarding how we will bring to Uzbekistan the concepts that have made Barcelona a global reference. Are you joining our project?

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