Petrosyan Group and Silk Venture enter talks with prestigious global brands and football clubs

Petrosyan Group and Silk Venture join forces and strengthen ties to carry out their commercial strategy. From Uzbekistan, Silk Venture joins Petrosyan Group to develop the Barcelona City project in Armenia and Uzbekistan.

Petrosyan Group and Silk Venture, under the leadership of its chairman Sedrak Petrosyan, have embarked on a series of negotiations with renowned international brands in the automotive and luxury jewelry sectors. The main objective is to forge commercial agreements that will bring these iconic brands and sports entities closer to the innovative construction project currently underway in Uzbekistan and Armenia.

President Sedrak Petrosyan expressed enthusiasm about the potential collaborations and said: “We are excited to engage in talks with renowned global brands. Our goal is to integrate these prestigious entities into our ongoing construction project, adding value to the vibrant landscape they are creating in Uzbekistan and Armenia”.
This strategic move not only enhances the overall appeal of the project, but also seeks to introduce exclusive offerings for residents and visitors.

In addition to these exciting projects, discussions are underway with five leading international professional football clubs to explore collaborations that extend beyond the sporting arena. The aim is to establish mutually beneficial partnerships that align with the Petrosyan Group and Silk Venture’s vision of fostering economic growth and cultural exchange.

In the last 5 months, Sedrak Petrosyan has led several meetings with managers of the most important football clubs in Europe, including two clubs from the Spanish league, one from the French league and two other football clubs from the English league. The group’s main objective is to build a sports city in Armenia and Uzbekistan, with a maximum capacity of 15 hectares, with the aim of implementing the methodology and know-how of the clubs in the aforementioned countries.

One of the main objectives of the group is to provide an opportunity for boys and girls in and around Armenia and Uzbekistan to fulfill a dream: to aspire to become great footballers and to be able to compete in Europe.

The outcome of these negotiations is expected to provide unprecedented opportunities for the regions involved, offering residents and businesses access to world-class products and experiences. The collaboration with renowned brands and football clubs is set to raise the profile of the construction project and contribute to the globalization of Uzbekistan and Armenia as key players in innovation and development.

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