Petrosyan Group meets in Tashkent with the management of New Tashkent

A delegation of Petrosyan Group, led by its president Sedrak Petrosyan and the head of architecture and urban development of the Barcelona District project, Josep A. Acebillo, visited the city of Tashkent in Uzbekistan. During this visit, the participants were able to learn more about the city, its traditions and its projects.

Of all that they have been able to know, we would like to highlight the visit to the Center of Islamic Civilizations, an ambitious project funded by the Uzbek government to implement the first research and cultural centre in Central Asia, inspired by the ancient Persian universities. We would also like to highlight their visit to the Olympic complex being built in the country with the aim of hosting the 2036 Olympic Games. Those responsible for the project presented the models and visited the construction of the complex, which is already at an advanced stage and is scheduled for completion in early 2025.

During this stay they had the opportunity to meet together with the company Silk Venture with the Uzbek Minister of Infrastructure, Mr. Davronjon Odilov, with whom they were able to discuss the New Tashkent project, the implications and commitment of the country to carry it out, as well as our Barcelona District project. At this meeting, our concerns and point of view were raised, as well as our needs and willingness to work together and promote the most ambitious project in the country.

Subsequently, they were also able to visit, together with Silk Venture, the company that is managing the New Tashkent project. They met with the project management as well as with the chief architect of the city of Tashkent, Mr. Saidazim Sharipov, and learned first-hand about the latest progress of the project and were able to present our vision of how the project should be approached, as well as our plans and the aspects that we want to implement on our site.

At the same time, taking advantage of Mr. Acebillo’s presence, the Tashkent University of Architecture requested his presence to give a presentation to the university students, where he was able to explain his approach, some of the current problems of the city and the solutions he intends to implement in the Barcelona District project.

Finally, the delegation visited the site where the construction of New Tashkent is being carried out, to check first-hand the state of the works and all the valuable information for the development of our project. This visit has allowed us to get to know the country better, the projects that are being promoted and the functioning of the current city of Tashkent. We have been able to establish a solid foundation of commitment and joint work with the different parties that make up the New Tashkent project and we have been able to share our vision for the new city to be a prosperous, sustainable, efficient city and the cornerstone of the future of Uzbekistan.

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