Petrosyan Group attends Construmat event in Barcelona.

Petrosyan Group was present at the Construmat event in Barcelona, a fair with more than four decades of history, recognized for its exhibition of varied solutions that promote innovation, sustainability and commercial opportunities in the construction field.

During our visit, we were able to observe the progress and emerging trends in the sector, especially highlighting the growth in the adoption of industrialized construction methods. This approach is gaining ground in the construction market due to its ability to reduce costs, accelerate and streamline construction processes, and maintain budgets without alterations, thanks to the prefabrication of components in a controlled, industrial-type environment.

In addition, we had the opportunity to explore various construction and rehabilitation projects that are underway or will be initiated in the near future. Both construction and rehabilitation constitute fundamental elements to face the social, economic and environmental challenges of our era. For this reason, the companies participating in Construmat are implementing solutions focused on sustainability, accessibility, energy efficiency and the use of local materials, with the aim of improving the quality of life of the population.

We also note that these principles are increasingly appreciated by government entities when awarding and granting projects through public tenders. We also note that the European Union is establishing stricter criteria for sustainability and reuse of existing structures by 2030, suggesting that early adoption of these new construction techniques and models could represent a significant competitive advantage.

At Petrosyan Group, we also focus on cutting-edge solutions with a focus on sustainability and efficiency. Attending events such as Construmat gives us the opportunity to discover first-hand the solutions being applied by industry experts, the prevailing trends and the advances being made, so that we can integrate them into our own projects.

For example, in our Barcelona City project in Tashkent, we opted for an urban design that aims to be more sustainable, efficient and energy self-sufficient than current metropolises. Following the example of many companies present at Construmat, we will implement innovative solutions that adopt these principles and contribute to raising the quality of life of those living in the city we are developing.

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